"Die Krähe" Animation
(Based on the song „The crow“ from Schubert’s Winterreise) 
The full version is only available for festivals . 

This film is about dealing with personal and archetypal shadows of personality. At the centre of the film befall a child frightened of the vicious crow. She escapes from the bird but gains nowhere a sense of security. In the end, completely exhausted of flight and fear, the kid is forced to look at this archetypal shadow (which symbolizes the crow) into the eyes and fight with it. The child slaps with small fists into the deeper matter of the plumage, which is what the squawk consists. The girl rages and beats in horror until she realizes that cannot defeat the crow. Each blow falls into the black void, with every touch the grave matter of the bird flows through the fingers of the child and drips down.


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